Sunday, February 24, 2013

.....nearly FORTY!!!

Yes, I'm going to be forty this year (the end of this year) however this year! And I am super excited! Really I am!
Last year we had decided to eat clean, and we loved it, then the start of this year it completely grabbed a hold of me. The words of my friend...'we have decided to cut sugar out'...I was like ' really, well we don't really have that much'. And then I started to look into it properly. Oh yes we did, and it was a lot.
We decided to watch Hungry For Change. All of us. And made a decision as a family to change for good.
One thing I really struggle with is seeing mothers who go on 'diets' health spurts.That's great,eating lots of salad and juicing as they dish up chicken nuggets and tater tots to the children. If I'm to get healthy so will my children. And I'll make it fun.
Grace was born with many medical problems that we have battled through and defeated, however, her weight was a problem, her thyroids don't function normally she has an auto immune disease, she was getting chunky. Chunky is cute right? Well at 1, 2 years old maybe, not at 8. I'm her mother, she relies on me for everything, food, shelter and I was letting her down. Not today, not when she was swimming her 12 laps down the pool with me!!
It's hard work planning, shopping, preparing all these clean meals,but that's why I have
I feel sometimes that when someone mentions to you something that makes you's a whisper from God, showing and guiding you. I love those kind of whispers.
So I'm training for my first 5k, already suffered an injury, which I thought would keep me down, not a chance, I'm swimming, circuit training and about ready to run again!! Heck I'm excited to be 40 this year...I am gonna look super at my birthday party! I just didn't want to get there and think why do I look like this? Why didn't I lose some weight and get in shape?
I want people to say 'you're 40?!' And feel great, I wanna be an example to my children and an inspiration to my husband! Oh and I have so much I can say about that man I love!
Today I swam my first mile, it took forever but I did it! With my kids swimming around and about me, we have lost over 40lbs as a family since January 1st, we are clean and we are not so mean :)
See that number 40 again, it doesn't phase me! God has blessed me, come on and give me another 40!!!!

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  1. i'm so proud of you! of all of you!! i can't wait to see how you look in december b/c my dear you already look too good now! <3 you inspire me to be better.